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The bane of my housekeeping is sweeping/vacuuming.

I love my dogs.  Love them.  But.  The hair.  It is out of control.

I try to brush them daily with one of those doggy shedding combs, and I do think that it helps.  Some.  It doesn’t change the fact that this is a never-ending chore.  I just don’t see an end in sight anytime soon.

So, I suck it up and do my best to stay on top of the furry mess.

I was vacuuming today.  I went to empty the container and found that the hair had actually matted and caught above the filter thingy.  I took one piece out.  Then another.  And another.

Most of my vacuum’s front is sitting in pieces and drying on my kitchen counter after a good wash.

And I’m fairly certain I can put it all back together.

I came home after work the other day to find tiny, perfectly formed toads sitting on my lily pads across the pond. (Note the tadpoles just under the lily pad.)

I love my pond for moments like these.


Update:  And I found a second skin a few days later close by.  Too soon to be the same snake.

I added a small pleco to my pond a week ago and never saw him again.

Until tonight.

Pleco are nocturnal, so I’ve been looking out for him each night with a flashlight.  I just wanted to know that he’d made the move alright.

You can see clearly that my little ecosystem needs some help  getting cleaned up. I’ll be adding some trapdoor snails and new water plants next week.  My hardy lilies and a few other plants are starting to sprout.

All ten goldfish survived the winter (including two hard freezes) outdoors.*

Maybe I can name them now.


*Plecos don’t tolerate the cold as well, so I’ll be adding a heater for him the next time the temperature drops.

BHG's Do It Yourself Spring 2011

I love browsing through magazines for cheap home improvement ideas.  This issue had a section dedicated to spray-paint.

My front door was in dire need of a new paint job.   I would prefer a new door as I really don’t like the ugly gold lines and frosted glass that date my door.  I want one more modern with  glass I can actually see out of or a peephole.







In the meantime, I decided to try the spray-paint project for the front door.  This is what my door looked like before painting.  I used plastic wrap to protect my walls, trim, glass center, and door knob.  The paint is weathered.  You can see obvious spots where I have attempted to touch up the paint in the past.


And here’s the (almost) finished result.  I need to touch up the trim, other side of door, and get a new doorknob/deadbolt set.


It shines.

I declare this a pass.

I’ve been loving these bulb and pot sets I bought on clearance at Target.  I enjoy having fresh flowers in my house, and these are better than any bouquet.  The pots are adorable: cream ceramic, red ceramic, and dark brown twiggy pot.

My Happiness Project

1. Set a bedtime.
2. Make my bed every morning.
3. Always be reading something.
4. Move more.
5. Toss and organize.
6. Give proofs of love.
7. Leave the past.
8. Fight right.
9. Don't expect praise or appreciation.
10. Kiss more, hug more, touch more.
11. Aim higher.
12. Find some fun.
13. Ask for help.
14. Smile.
15. Realize it's possible.
16. Don't compare;be inspired.
17. Focus on what I have.
18. Beware of drift.
19. Take a chance.
20. Listen.
21. Be mindful.
22. Cultivate gratitude.
23. Spend out.
24. Do good, feel good.
25. Show up.
26. Have the courage to be imperfect.
27. Find joy in the ordinary.
28. Work smart.
29. Enjoy now.
30. Talk to strangers.
31. Go outside.
32. Start where I am.
33. Show up on time.
34. See art everyday.
35. Love with abandon.
36. Be colorful.
37. Dress the part.
38. Revel in accomplishments.
39. Learn something new.
40. Fear less.
41. Take pictures.
42. Speak with integrity.
43. Don't be critical about small things.
44. Manage my pain.
45. Surround myself with creative people.
46. Practice, practice, practice.
47. Don't force it.
48. Deal with something once.
49. Trust my instincts.
50. Avoid gossip.
51. Choose to see the best in people.
52. Take time to be silly.
53. Throw my own party.
54. Be a mentor.
55. Lean into my fears.
56. Find the others.
57. Do the unexpected.
58. Don't break the chain.
59. Do things others aren't.
60. Slow down.
61. Be cool with not being cool.
62. Be kinder than necessary and more generous than reasonable.
63. Pretend I'm good at it.
64. Keep in touch.
65. Row my own canoe.
66. Do what only you can do.
67. If it doesn't work out, find something that does.
68. Dream bigger.
69. Notice what's right.
70. Stop talking. Start doing.
71. When in doubt, choose laughter.
72. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
73. Respect everyone.
74. Be early.
75. Delete the unnecessary.

Three Simple Rules

1. If you do not GO after what you want, you will never have it.
2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be no.
3. If you do not MOVE forward, you will always be in the same place.

All I Need

1. Someone to love.
2. Something to do.
3. Something to hope for.

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