I forget that sometimes.

Just as I am finding my way to understanding our relationship, he is doing the same.

This past winter was a rough season for him and his relationship with his mother.  She was making choices that left him feeling abandoned and unimportant in her life.

On Valentine’s Day, I found candy and a card inside my car from my stepson.  Inside the card was written a bittersweet message.

Thank you for being the mother I never had. You make this family complete. Love SS

I cried at reading it. First for feeling encouraged that I was doing right by him.  Second for how tragic it was for a 14-year-old to be writing such words when he has a mother alive and well and nearby.

I know that he has a mother.  I know that I am not her.  I know that what he truly means away from hurt and anger is to thank me for doing the things his mother can’t or won’t do for him.  I know that he considers me part of his family.  That is enough. It has to be enough for us both.

A few months later he resumed some visitation with his mother.  And the next cards from him have reflected a healthier understanding of our relationship.

Thank you for being the best stepmom I could ask for!! Love SS

We’re going to be all right.