I used to keep a list of tattoo ideas, but I found that what was meaningful to me one day would be nothing the next day, week, or month.

I wonder if I will ever get one.

I try to imagine where I would put a permanent mark on my body, and I have no answer.   Every spot that I consider is a part of me that I love – neck, collarbone, rib cage, hip, butt, thigh, ankle. The idea of inking my body seems like vandalism.

How can I say, “I love my body just the way it is, but…”?  You either love your body, or you feel the need to modify it in some way.  It has been a lifelong journey to contentment with and respect for my body and all it can do.  I’m in a place where coming up with ways to change it seems to negate that positive.

And so I believe that the only tattoos I will ever have are the well-earned lines on my face and the images and lessons imprinted on my mind.

Still, I wonder if I will ever get one.