I had a dream that a wasp was flying around me and stung me twice.  It left a large stinger on my thumb that I was able to get out before all the venom was released.  I swatted it and killed it.  It somehow stung me once more after it was dead when I brushed it away from me.

From Dream Moods:

To see a wasp in your dreams signals evil, anger, and negative feelings.

To dream that you are stung by a wasp indicates that there is some hatred directed towards you.  It also refers to envy.

To dream that you kill a wasp signifies your fearlessness in fighting off your opponents, while maintaining your ethics and rights.


I have been struggling with anger and negative feelings toward my husband’s ex-wife the last couple of months.  She pulled a stupid stunt in June with my stepson that involved having a 13-year-old boy drive her car through town while she was busy taking selfies and posting them on Facebook. Yeah.

Husband had a long serious talk with both of them, but now I’m left feeling anxious every time stepson is in her care for any extended amount of time.  I already did somewhat before, because I don’t trust her judgement at all.  She acts more like a cool older friend than a mother toward both her children.    Now I feel as though I’m on a heightened alert stage.

Normally he goes to his mom’s  one night a week and every other weekend.  About a week ago she took him and his sister for a 4-day trip to the beach.  I didn’t realize how on edge I had been the entire time until he walked back into our house.  I had such an immediate sense of relief.  As if I could finally breathe again.

It’s hard to feel so powerless when it comes to a kid I love like my own but at the same time have to remember that he is not.

It stings a lot, actually.