There are moments in life that you immediately know you will never live down.

This is one of them.

My husband recently had some surgery to take care of a pilonidal cyst that had been bothering him at the tailbone.  The incision itself healed nicely, but a blister had formed at the bottom between his cheeks. It was located high on the buttocks, but it was inside the skin folds.  It finally popped, and I kept an eye on it.  And it didn’t seem to be healing.  It would grown some skin over and then that skin would get torn from the stress of any movement.  It was in an unfortunate location that made healing hard.

I had some dermabond on hand and decided that I would put some over the weakest area close to his crack in the hopes that it would help limit that movement.  It seemed to be working. But then Husband soon started complaining about it.  I looked at it while he was standing up. I didn’t see what the problem was and thought he was being a bit of a baby.

A day and a half later he laid down on the bed and asked me to look again.  And then I saw the problem.

When I put the dermabond on and held the skin together while it dried, some of that glue had seeped down into his crack.

I had glued his cheeks completely together.  That meant every time he made any kind of movement that results in a spreading action of the cheeks, it pulled on his skin and hair and hurt.  He was lucky it hadn’t quite reached his asshole.

I was mortified.  And started laughing.  I couldn’t believe what I had done to this poor guy.  He was confused and wondering why I was lying and giggling on the bed next to him.  I explained and apologized again and again between my laughter.

I took my time and slowly removed the glue.

He experienced immediate relief.

I was relieved that we had taken care of this before his doctor’s appointment the next day.