⌂ Stepson and I ran a 5K earlier this month.  It was  hotter and muggier than we expected after a lot of rain that morning.  We still did well. I ran it in 27:38 and came in 9th in my age group.  He ran a 27:49 and came in 7th in his age group.  He took off in the beginning in excitement and wore himself out early or I’m sure he would have beat me.  He’s excited to run more with me this year.  Love my running buddy.  My mom also ran, and he was such a sweetheart to go find her after he was done and run with her.  All his idea.

⌂   We’ll be staying at a beach cabin for a few days at the end of July with several friends.  I’m so looking forward to this.

⌂  I bought a PDF package off of Etsy to make a collection of our favorite family recipes.  For now I’m just printing the pages and putting them in a binder.  When that gets full, I’ll get a proper book made.  I figure this will make a great gift later to family and friends.

⌂  I’m trying to choose paint colors for our little cabin at the lake.  It is a 20×20 metal building.  Half of it was converted to a living space and the other half is a garage.  The living space is small and cozy.  I want a warm neutral beige.  No red undertones.  I’m leaning towards something with a yellow base and need to decide how dark I want to go.  I’ll probably take paint samples up the next time I go.  We plan to build, but that will not be happening for a few years so I want to make our little home away from home feel more inviting.  We’ve got an awning up now so that we can extend that living space outside and have some nice shade from the sun.

⌂  Husband and I have been having fun coming up with a story idea that we will soon start putting down on paper.  I love when we have a project we share.

⌂  Stepdaughter wrote me a sweet letter that ended with this heart-melting paragraph:  “I am so glad that Dad chose to marry you. You are such a good influence and example to all of us. I look up to you, and I love you dearly. I am proud to call you my mother.  I really hope you like your present, Mom.”  Cue the tears.