I didn’t think it could go anywhere.

I decided to participate in a healthy weight-loss program at work that would award the top-3 losers with a nice sum of cash.  I knew that I could potentially lose about 15-20 pounds and still be a healthy weight for my body type.   The program involves watching videos once a week and entering my weight.  The program is called “Naturally Slim.”  When I was deciding whether or not to do it, I looked it up and saw that it centered on good eating habits.  It also cost nearly $400 to participate on my own, but the hospital was allowing me to do so for free.  I would have $50 deducted from my paycheck if I didn’t complete the program or weighed more than my starting date.

I put on several pounds the two days before my official weigh-in to try to pad my percentage loss.  Right now I hover at the 20-pound weight loss.  There are over 900 employees corporate-wide involved.  I don’t know where I stand now, but I figure a 20% loss would be competitive.

I was pleasantly surprised at the changes I’ve been able to make through this program that I can continue the rest of my life.  The first initial change of “no sugar” was the hardest.  I could add it back to my diet now, but I’m choosing to keep it out until the last weigh-in.  This isn’t something difficult to count.  It is simply no obvious sugars. No jellies, jams, candy, cookies, cake, pie, coke, etc. No yogurt because it is generally loaded with sugar. No wine because of the double effect of alcohol and sugar. The program also recommends I not use milk except for cooking or in my coffee.  I drink a lot more water. They recommend at least a few of them be a mix of orange juice and water.  I drink them all that way.  The idea is that little bit of sugar keeps my blood sugar up and my hunger levels down.  I’m supposed to eat slowly and take a break after 10 minutes. The idea is to give you time to feel full.  I’m only supposed to eat when truly hungry and stop when I’m comfortable.  Not a new idea, but it is hard to do.  No regular snacks, just a few items I can eat if I’m in a situation where I’m truly hungry but won’t be able to eat a meal.

I cheated. There were two birthday weekends and the holiday weekend.  Other than that I’ve kept to the program guidelines.  I like to run and have been running 3-5 miles two or three times a week.

And now my ass is gone.

I loved my ass. As soon as the 10 weeks are over and I weigh-in for the last time, I’ll start doing more muscle-building like squats and lunges.

Gotta get it back.