⌂  I survived my first weekend CV call with one CABG on Sunday. Eight hours time and a half plus the rest of the weekend call time should make for a nice bump on my paycheck.

⌂   I thoroughly enjoyed my last meeting with my mentor as part of my hospital’s mentorship program.  She’s asked me to come up with some habits to break as well as professional goals I want to meet over the next few months.

⌂  Summer break is here. I’m looking forward to the two days a week that my stepson and I get to share together.  We’re starting by making  a list of all the fun things we want to do.

⌂  I’m looking for an easy, nice-looking way to organize recipes for my family. I want to put together a recipe book of all the winners.  The latest ones are a lemony spicy kale salad, dewberry oregano pie, and cedar grilled salmon with a brown sugar and cayenne pepper glaze.  That last one was so good that Husband and I both looked at each other in amazement  after the first bite.

⌂  I’m looking forward to a beach weekend in July with my family and some friends. I hope to work out a trip to Florida see my college friends in August.