⌂  The outpatient, cushy hour surgery job didn’t work out, but I interviewed and  accepted a position with the main OR.  I’m ready for the change.  I’m also very ready for the year-long orientation.  That means a year of no overtime or taking call on nights or weekends!  (My little side job will make up for any losses.)  I was told I could do four 10-hour shifts a week, which is what I was looking to do with the other position.

⌂   I visited Arizona for the first time. Highlights of the trip were seeing the Grand Canyon, hiking down into the rim, renting an ATV in Sedona and taking on the trails, the amazing view in Sedona, climbing Cameback Mountain, and seeing Slide Rock and sliding down the natural water slide.  This trip also marked my first purchase of  Camelbak and hiking boots.

⌂ My boyfriend and I bought a little land up by the lake.  Lots of plans that include adding to our acre before beginning to build.

⌂  I spent my first 4th of July at the lake.  I had no idea what I was missing.

⌂  I’ve been meeting with different local running groups and making new friends.  I plan to knock out my first 10K this year.