“Preston and Cordelia when they later arrived were both blonds, cut from the Turnbow cloth, but the first one that came in its red pelt of fur was a mean wild thing like her. Roping a pair of dumbstruck teenagers into a shotgun wedding an then taking off with a laugh, leaving them stranded. Leaving them trying five years for another baby, just to fill a hole nobody meant to dig in the first place.”

“A life measured in half dollars and clipped coupons and culled hopes flattened between uninsulated walls.”

“And the idea of being named for an artist. A person could be reborn on the strength of that.”

“Her every possession was either unbreakable, or broken.”

“There had to be armies of factory workers making this slapdash stuff, underpaid people cranking out things for underpaid people to buy and use up, living their lives mostly to cancel each other out. A worldwide entrapment of bottom feeders.”

“If people played their channels right, they could be spared from disagreement for the length of their natural lives. Finally she got it. The need for so many channels.”

“It was hard to feel the remotest sympathy for any of the different fools she had been.  As opposed to the fool she was probably being now. People hang on for dear life to that one, she thought: the fool they are right now.”

“There is no life raft; you’re just freaking swimming all the time.”

“Things look impossible when you’ve not done them.”