Our hospital has been in the process of doing away with written orders for over a year now. 

It’s been fun.

A group of nurses have been off floor duty during this time to help nurses and doctors transition. There are a few stations and several doctors who are lagging behind.

One of those nurses came by the station and informed us that they were actually told in a meeting to start taking pictures when they saw nurses doing things wrong.


She has said they’re not going to do that, but such a demand doesn’t exactly inspire solidarity.

What it does do is motivate me to pose for her every time she walks into our station and, so far, pretend to be sleeping at my computer and ride an IV pole down the hall.

I’ve worked with her for 5 years and trust her, but part of me finds the idea of being called into a meeting over these and future photos hysterical. Almost as hysterical as the paranoid mind that thought to order nurses to photograph their peers.

Being off 2 months after my surgery gave me some much needed time away. I’m starting a new non-nursing job on the side next month. I’m hoping to be able to go part-time at the hospital if it works out.

I don’t expect to ever leave nursing completely. It’s a good job, and I generally enjoy the work and my co-workers. I’ve just had it with the suits.