I got kicked out of a motorcycle class this weekend.

The flyer advertised the class as for the beginner who want to learn how to ride or the experienced rider who wants to sharpen their rider skills.

I was the only one of eight with absolutely no experience on a motorcyle or any other kind of motorized bike, and it showed.

We went through the exercises of turning on the bike, shifting gears, power walking the bike, and then started the actual riding exercises.

And that’s where I was behind.  I could ride the short distance, but I was having trouble with smooth starts and stops.  I could tell they were waiting on me, and it was incredibly frustrating. It felt as though I were being expected to advance in a very short amount of time what would take most people an afternoon or so to master.

The more frustrated I became, the worse I got until I was very nicely asked to leave.

I was able to wait until I was in the car before I started crying.  I know it’s not a huge deal, but I still take any kind of failure hard.  I always talk myself through whatever situation and tell myself it’s not the end.  If I really want to ride a motorcycle, then I’ll find a way to learn and do it.
Intellectually, I understood this.  Emotionally I felt like a wreck.

I came home to find my PCCN certificate in the mail and a reminder of a success.  I went to bed and woke up feeling better the next morning.

I’m ready to make my own way.