get rid of an unnecessary annoyance in your life.


I wear scrubs a lot.

I don’t like the typical elastic-waist pants due to their weird Mom-jeans fit, so I buy scrub pants with drawstrings.

I like them except for one thing.  I can’t keep those strings tied.

I don’t double knot them because then I can’t get them off fast enough during a quick dash to the bathroom.

By lunchtime I’m tired of retying them and start sweeping them over to tuck in a front pants pocket.

It’s a bit ridiculous how long this has been going on…


It was time to buy new scrubs.

Enter Cherokee scrubs pro flexibles.  The cargo scrub pants have a soft, elastic knit wide waist band.  So the fit is modern without any strings attached.  The matching scrub top is a bonus with soft knit side panels and a soft knit neckline.

Problem solved.

Next up – get a new coffee press since my little cheap one’s plunger comes apart when I’m pushing it down and requires me to screw it back together to try again.