A certain co-worker is well-known for her attitude, especially at report time.  It is something that I know has been brought to management’s attention.  She’s usually okay to deal with, but she has her flare-ups.

One morning I was the recipient of said attitude.  She was giving me back a patient, and she proceeded to brag about a non-issue and her creative (and questionable) solution while insinuating that it was a problem that I and others had let fester.  I congratulated her in a sarcastic manner, but she seemed oblivious.  She smiled and pointed her feet at me.  “You all need to kiss my feet.”

I told her I’d have a crown waiting for her that night.  And I managed to find 30 minutes over the next 12 hours to do make her a crown out of the frame of a potty specimen collection “hat”, paper, and markers.  It waiting at her usual computer by 6:30pm.

I let myself burn that entire shift over those few minutes of report.  The other day shifters had witnessed the exchange and watched me steal minutes to angrily color and piece together a crown fit for the Queen Bitch of the floor.

I was eager to watch her wear the crown I’d made out of spite.  A crown she would love to wear.  A crown whose meaning was known to everyone else. She walked in, looked at crown with delight, and immediately put it on her head.  She turned to me smiling proudly.

I found all the bitterness immediately replaced with the warm gladness that she liked her crown.

Apparently I can’t do spite right.

I’m okay with that.