⌂  At one point in my 3-month UTI battle, I had a CT scan done to rule out kidney stones because of the pain.  It showed an enlarged liver, and, due to my job, my provider wanted to do a hepatitis screen and have me see a GI doctor.  It was negative (fist pump) and the doctor said the enlargement is a normal variant called Riedel’s lobe.  And so ends that saga….

⌂  My AC is out…again.

⌂   My AC is back… again.  90 to 80 degrees in 5 hours.  Holler.

⌂  I introduced my parents to my guy.

⌂  I have single-handedly taken apart, brick by brick, a large landscaping feature in my front yard.  I counted over 200.  I’m now experiencing a new kind of burn in my lower back and upper butt.

⌂  My sister and I taught my mom how to play “That’s what she said.”  Let the hilarity begin….