1.  Take my PCCN.

2.  Take my visiting cousin on two day trips.

3.  Run my first 5K.

4.  Get rid of my bladder infection.


And that’s it.

Taking my PCCN by the end of the month is going to require some serious studying.  I want to finally get it done before work evaluations in July.  I’ll be using the “Don’t Break the Chain” method, because it has been so useful in my running goals.

My 3 mile run last night was the easiest it has ever been.  I was smiling like a crazy person during the last 2 laps.  I credit that to running more regularly and my massive water intake due to said bladder infection.  Apparently being well-hydrated helps you run.  I know.

My cousin will be with me for two weeks this month.  Hers is a bit of a sad story with a lot of family drama and turmoil.

I battled this UTI once before with a week of antibiotics.  My follow-up lab work showed – in the office nurse’s words – “There’s still something going on.”  So I’m in the middle of a 2 week course, and my infection’s sidekick has reared his sneaky, yeasty head.  Feminine itch, my ass.