⌂  My birthweek was amazing.  I ate lunch and dinner with friends every day.  I exercised and wrote a bit.   I played local tourist and found some new favorite places.  I highly recommend such a week to anyone.

⌂  The travel plans are coming together.  First up: Pittsburgh in July to meet my new niece.  I’m very excited about this second addition to the family.  I need to break out the knitting needles.

⌂  Pizza box coupons are highly, highly flammable.  That is all.

⌂   This glass and ice ball mold set makes a great gift for that person who enjoys a nightcap.

⌂  A simple visual method for increasing your productivity: Don’t break the chain!  It works.  I’ve been doing this for my exercise goals.

⌂  I have to do all my required skills and tests this month for my job.  I’m going to try to get them done in one day.  We’ll see.