╚╗  Quick refresher on dinner etiquette by Cup of Jo.  I didn’t know that the silverware should rest fully on the plate.  My bad!

╚╗  8 Things Everybody Must Know How to Do.  I can’t drive a manual.  To the life list!

╚╗  Meet Mark and Angel.  See Mark and Angel Hack Life.

╚╗  Check out Sarah Von’s April Network of Nice Hookups.  You may be able to meet someone’s needs or find someone who can meet yours.  I’ll be going to Pittsburgh this summer….

╚╗  Nurses!  Share your story with Ian for his Book of Nurses.  I’m writing mine.

╚╗  Don’t forget to nourish your inner introvert.


Finally, a joke for all my medical nerds out there (courtesy of Dr. Grumpy):

Knock knock
Who’s there?
HIPAA who?
I can’t tell you that.

I laughed so hard.