I started feeling off on Monday.  It was that feeling I get when I haven’t been drinking enough water.  So I started drinking a lot.

I worked a 12-hour shift on Tuesday.  That’s when the burning started.  I called my doctor’s office and had them fax over a lab order so I could get a UA done that day.

By early Wednesday morning I was going every 15-30 minutes.  And I was seeing blood.  And hurting more.  And had some chills.  I called in sick.  I watched a lot of television.  I called for results which the office kept telling me they didn’t have.  I called the lab who said they had faxed them that morning.  I called the office back, and they said they’d look for them.  I fell asleep and didn’t wake up again until the office had closed.  I was feeling somewhat better – no more blood. I had a well-woman check-up the next morning, so I figured I’d get some antibiotics then.

During my assessment, I told the nurse practitioner what was going on.

– I think I have a bladder infection.

She stepped out to find those results and returned paper in hand.

– Honey, you have a raging bladder infection.

And then I had my first pap smear.