⌂  I’ve been keeping an eye out for furniture since buying my house and have come across a distressed gold leather chair and ottoman on-line. I’ll be looking at it in a few days.  I’m crossing my fingers because I need more seating, but I’ve yet to like anything on-line once I see it in person.

⌂  I found someone to reupholster these two chairs I have for $200 each.  That is about 50% cheaper than any bid I’ve ever gotten.  I’ll see the guy on my next day off to look at his materials book and check out his work.

⌂  There’s another possible job opportunity.  This company not only contracts nurses for education but social workers as well.  My sister and I both could have new jobs soon.  (The first is a prn position in minor care.  I  should know sometime next week.)

⌂  The studying for my PCCN has finally begun in earnest.  I’m shooting to be ready for the exam by the end of March.

⌂  I bought myself a little French press, and I love it.  Anyone want a never used coffee maker?  Three years sitting on a counter untouched.