⌂  There is the possibility of a return trip to Vietnam and Thailand this summer.  I’m just awaiting the details from a friend…

⌂  It happens to be the parents’ birthday weekend.  Family tradition means lunch and bowling.  Maybe a movie if they’re feeling especially wild.

⌂  A work friend is leaving for a supervisor position in minor care.  She wants to speak to me this coming week about a job opening.

⌂  I have an actual date for Valentine’s day this year, thus ending a 28 year streak.  It’s still nice to know that I’ll be getting chocolates from my mama.

⌂  I went rock wall climbing.  I learned that I have no upper body strength, but my legs are killer.  Also, it will ruin your nails.  Even if they are short.

⌂  I was at dinner the other night, and I couldn’t believe how loud it was in the restaurant.  These two girls were sitting across the room, yet I could hear their conversation as if they were right next to me.  I mentioned this to my date, but he said he couldn’t hear anything.  It was then that I realized what was going on.  Telegraphing!  We happened to be sitting along one end of a long curved wall (I was facing away from the wall), and the two girls were on the other end directly facing us.  Suddenly it was so cool.