⌂  My (real) name is always at the top of contact lists, so I get butt-dialed a lot.  I always listen a bit to the soundtrack of someone’s life.  (I do hang up if it sounds personal.)

⌂  My phone rang one afternoon, and I saw it was a college friend with whom I  hadn’t spoken in ages.  I picked it up thinking it was another butt-dial, but I was pleasantly surprised to find her on the other line just calling to check in.  We had some great conversation that lifted my spirits for that night.

⌂  I’m still taking down Christmas decorations…

⌂  The weather the last few days has been absolutely perfect.  I’ve been leaving windows and doors open throughout the day.  It smells like springtime inside my house.

⌂  Some coworkers and I were eating at the same restaurant as one of our bosses.  We said hello on our way to our table.  Later that night we learned that our boss had covered our bill.  It was such a nice surprise.  I need to do that for someone.

⌂  I know some of the “50 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do.”  I’m going to learn the rest.  Watch me make a fire!

⌂  So, there’s this boy….