°  I can hear an owl hooting outside.  I like it.  My dogs don’t.

°  I’m not usually that person who adds her pets’ signatures to cards.  However.  I left a gift at the door of my neighbor behind me.  Seeing as how my dogs love him (he always has treats for them), I added a note from them. “We wuff you.  Happy Howlidays!”  I know.

°  I’m trying this crafty idea for some gifts.  I’m stealing cute photos off of people’s Facebook pages and transferring them to tiny little canvases.  A few magnets on the back will turn them into pieces of art on their fridges.

°  I normally can’t sleep with any light whatsoever.  I even put a eye mask over my clock every night.  (I can’t wear it on days I need to wake with an alarm, because I use a light alarm clock.)  However, I love the warm glow in my room during December.  I leave the outside Christmas lights on just for that alone.

°  I’m working 12 hours this Christmas.  I’m bringing a radio for background holiday music in the station, and I’m making  pies-in-a-jar.  Tiny jars are the cutest! I’m hoping to have enough so everyone who visits my station can take one.