I watched the Swedish trilogy after seeing all of the Pajiba love for Noomi Rapace.  I wanted to read the novel once I heard that an American remake was in the works.

It was a fascinating read though not quite fun due to the darker themes. (The original title of the book was Men Who Hate Women.)

Journalist and publisher Mikeal Blomkvist is convicted in a libel case and is facing a jail sentence.  Blomkvist also wants to distance himself from the magazine in the hopes of saving it.  He takes a  job offer by a wealthy man to investigate the mysterious 1960’s disappearance of his then 16-year-old great-niece.  Blomkvist  needs a research assistant, and he hires our title character, 24-year-old Lisbeth Salander, after he reads the detailed report she made about him during his case. They make an odd team, but together they begin to put together the sordid pieces of an old family’s history.

I’ve read complaints about the book’s pacing, but I never found it too slow.  The book would switch from the mystery  to Blomkvist’s legal issues to Lisbeth’s life.  I found Lisbeth’s story the most interesting, and I’ve also read that the next book follows her more closely.  I’ve already put in a request through my library’s e-reader program.


*Once again, I won’t be making my 52 book goal this year.  I did pass last year’s 32 mark. Hurray!