°  I’m happy to have spent a few hours over sushi with a pal who moved away.  Obe rolls are deliciously spicy.

°  I’m relieved my dog couldn’t get the wrapper completely off that fudge bar he grabbed off a table.  And that the bite of fudge he did get was too chewy for him to eat quickly. And thankful for buy two/get one free specials.

°  I’m still decorating the tree I got two weeks ago.

°  My latest favorite easy dish: black beans, chopped grilled chicken, cheese, and a spoonful of cilantro paste (find it in the Goya section of your grocery store).

°  Cutest things this week:  WordPress’s falling snow header and Marcel the Shell (Part I and II).

°  I just found out that Dr. Scholl’s makes cute shoes. And yes, I’m old enough to be very excited by this.

°  I’m looking forward to a New Year’s Eve dinner with good food and jazz.  And the return of Downton Abbey!