Here is a link to a fun article about why seven Disney princesses make the worst role models for girls.

About Princess Aurora:

She’s a princess who doesn’t know she’s a princess and therefore has no aspirations besides meeting other humans—preferably male humans.

After 15 years of seeing animals bang in the woods, Briar Rose sings a little ditty called “I Wonder” where she basically mourns the fact that all the lady animals are getting some from their male cohorts and she hasn’t laid eyes upon a man in the entirety of her life.

In fact, the only other people she knows are 3 fairies masquerading as humans to take care of her.

She’s so lonely, in fact, that she creates an imaginary “dream prince” and the animals play along (the owl acting as the prince, of course).

While they’re dancing and singing, however, a real prince comes along and starts dancing with her. This startles Briar Rose until Philip’s smooth line of, “We’ve met before … once upon a dream” wins her over.

Yeah, nothing like telling a poor, desperate girl that you’re her dream prince to get some.

It actually makes me wonder if the entirety of Sleeping Beauty happens in Briar Rose’s head (and how awesome, albeit f*cked up, would that be?). A girl so desperate for love, she’d rather sleep and dream of imaginary princes than live a life on her own, be it within the forest or outside.

That would make a fabulous, darker interpretation of the story.

She spends more time imagining what she wants than she does actually trying to achieve it. There are few other characters that could potentially inspire girls to be lazy, submissive, inside-the-box thinkers than Sleeping Beauty.

Aaaannnd…. this is where it hurt just a little bit.