I’m excited about a dinner party this Saturday night.  The theme is Día de los Muertos.  It isn’t specifically a costume party, but I plan on wearing a cute black and white dress with a little face paint.  Something like this:

I don’t plan to do my whole face as I’d like to be able to eat with worrying about smearing my lips.  Just a cutaway to get in an eye, nose, and a little  lip corner action. Think Phantom of the Dead Opera.

The only slight hitch so far is I can’t get anyone to go with me.  It’s the menu that scares them off at first.  A menu that includes chicken feet and beef tongue.  Then comes the price.  It’s an expensive gourmet dinner.  It’s hard for me to sell the experience at that price with food that people are instantly wary of.

What’s a girl to do?


Update 10/28/11:

One of my favorite docs is going with me.  His office nurse was rounding when she heard me asking coworkers if anyone wanted to go.  She told him about it and came back to say he wanted in.