Another free e-book, it is not Amish fiction but a Puritan historical inspirational fiction.  The author based her story loosely on that of John Bunyan, writer of  The Pilgrim’s Progress.

Newly betrothed Elizabeth Whitbread finds herself working as a housekeeper for newly widowed minister and tinsmith John Costin and his four children.   It was a dangerous time as only those educated and licensed could legally preach according to the Anglican church.   John Costin was neither of those things. Elizabeth finds herself being threatened unless she provided his opponents with stolen written materials and other information.

And blah blah blah – the book is interesting enough to act as a holder until I can get my hands on a book.  It’s a quick read.  There are a few sincere emotional moments that made me tear up.  The main character is a strong woman with a quick tongue and sharp wit.  Other than that it feels much like a paint-by-numbers piece of art.  It’s predictable.  And, the toddler says things that no toddler says, Puritan or not.  Definitely a pet peeve in film or literature.

Conclusion: read it for free.