This was the first book I read in an electronic format using a Kindle app on my phone.

I first became acquainted with the story through Masterpiece Theatre’s production and fell in love with Jane.  She is one of the strongest females characters I’ve ever come across. Even as a child, Jane stood up for herself when no one else would or could.

Jane has a troubled childhood growing up as an orphan in her aunt’s home.  Her aunt makes it very clear that she doesn’t want Jane around, and she takes the first opportunity to put Jane in a home. Jane eventually finds work as a governess for a Mr. Rochester.  She and he fall for each other despite their great difference in class, but Mr. Rochester has a big secret that comes between them and leads Jane to run away.

One of my favorite moments was when Jane realized she could not be with a certain man because she was not free to be herself around him.  That is a powerful understanding to come to and to stand up for in the early nineteenth century when marriage was so vital to a woman’s life and security.