Pattern: Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner

Yarn: Queensland Collection Merino Spray in #3 Tan

This is a wonderful pattern for a quick and cute knitty gift. I only spent about two hours on this little hat after my mother asked me if I had anything she could send today to a family member.

The yarn is my favorite (so far) to use on baby items.  It is 100%  extra fine merino wool in a DK weight.  It normally runs about $10 a ball, but I came across it at Ross for $2.50.  Needless to say, I bought everything they had and took home a large bag full of several colors (pink, violet, lime, and brown) for around $40.   The colors are bright, and the yarn does look as though it has been sprayed with color.

It is also important to note that the yarn is flame resistant.  The other day I took long bits of the different yarns I’ve been using to make my baby gifts and compared their flammability.  This particular yarn barely caught a flame before it died out without traveling at all up the piece of yarn.  I was horrified to find that another yarn I’ve been liking to use – Naturally Caron Spa – caught and lit so fast that the flame reached my finger and burned me before I could even drop it.   As pretty as it is, I don’t know that I’d use it again for anyone – much less a child.