So… I need an e-reader. I never thought so before, but I’m a new convert after lugging around A Storm of Swords while traveling. I love this series, and I’m caught up just in time for the new fifth book release later this month.

I can say that this series is not for you if:

1.  Thinking about reading 800+ pages makes you ill.

2.  You hate authors who meddle with your favorite characters – or worse, kill them.

3.  You get lost in books with more than three story lines and main characters.

4.  You roll your eyes at things like dragons and magic.

5.  You want recaps at the beginning of each novel.

6.  You can’t handle the awesomeness that is an epic tale.

It’s hard for me to discuss the books individually as they all run together for me now.  I can say that I’ve now had three completely unexpected moments that took my literary breath away.  The series is an interesting character study as you learn of motivations and back stories during the sprawling struggle for power.


I reread Bird by Bird while waiting for the library to reopen after a holiday weekend.  It’s a charming book on writing that I think I’ll make a habit of reading every year.  It is full of gentle advice and a soft elbow to my side reminding me to do what I want to do.