A Game of Thrones is not my usual kind of read.

A coworker gave it to me for my birthday last month.  I recognized it as the source material for the new HBO series, but I had no idea it was part of the Song of Ice and Fire series that I’ve heard so much about over in the comments sections of Pajiba.  It’s a big book but by no means a difficult read.  And there are more – seven total planned in this epic fantasy series filled with knights, queens, kings, princes, and even a dwarf.

I love discovering a new (to me) series.  It’s a wide, sprawling story of power, a person’s perceived right to it,  and the lengths people will go to get it and hold on to it.   I’m probably most intrigued by all the family drama to be found here.  (No reflection on my own, I’m sure.)


The Graveyard Book is a lovely (if dark) story of a young boy raised by the inhabitants of a graveyard.  He is taken into their protection after the unexplained murders of his family.  He is taught their ways while also being groomed by his guardian for his place in the outside world.  It reads much like a children’s bedtime story.