I’m disappointed in that I wish this could have been a longer series.

The Hunger Games, the first book, was the best by far because its focus was more personal.  The next two books follow Katniss as she becomes the figurehead for a revolution against the Capitol.

In Catching Fire, Katniss is back in District Twelve and has been dealing with the psychological turmoil of the twisted games.  She is sorting through her confused feelings regarding Peeta and Gale.  She has no idea that her performance has inspired an underground movement in the other districts until a visit from President Snow threatens the safety of her family and friends if she doesn’t do her part to quell that uprising.  Katniss soon discovers that the cause is quickly gaining momentum regardless of her attempts to appease President Snow.  In a surprising turn of events,   Katniss finds herself back in the Hunger Games arena with a Capitol determined that she will die.

Mockingjay takes the reader on her journey to becoming the symbol and active member of the revolutionary movement.

I can’t tell more without giving away too much detail to those who haven’t yet read the books.  It is a powerful story of a young girl who unwittingly becomes part of something larger than herself.