This was a reread for me while I waited for the rest of the Hunger Games series (on hold at the library).

This novel follows Harry, Hermoine, and Ron as they seek the final Horcruxes in order to destroy them and in turn destroy Voldemort once and for all.   They have left school and are on the run as Voldemort gains power in the wizarding world.

Friendships and loyalties are tested again and again.  This long book finally brings Harry and Voldemort to their final showdown during a battle at Hogwarts, and I found it a satisfying conclusion to the series.

I’ve absolutely loved the HP novels.  They are easy-to-read books that wrap the reader in a new reality that isn’t all that hard to believe.  The main characters are likeable and flawed.  Those same flaws are often the strengths they bring to their relationships.  And those relationships are what ultimately make the series so special.