Not That Kind of Girl wrote a guest post earlier this month at Sarah Von’s Yes and Yes.  NTKOG came up with eleven questions to ask herself at the end of each day, and she began to journal her responses.  Here is her Daily Satisfaction Survey:

1.  In what way have I contributed to my personal excellence today?

2.  What did I create today?

3.  How did I reach one new person today?

4.  Who did I tell I loved today?

5.  Who did I love without telling?

6.  What did I go out of my way to do for someone else today?

7.  What art did I love today?

8.  Who or what inspired me today?

9.  What was today’s small, good thing?

10.  How happy am I with my progress today?

11.  What lesson from today am I going to take into tomorrow?


It is too easy to get caught up in life’s ebb and flow.  I love this idea of checking in every night and reviewing the day. How do you learn and improve if you never take the time to know where you are and where you want to be?

Every person will have some variation in their criteria for a good day.  I’m working on my own set of questions.   What are yours?