That title is misleading for I’m not going to show you the various stages my hair has been since I took the plunge last October to go with a short, curly bob.  Every salon appointment since has been an experimentation with layer lengths.  In February I came across this photo and took it to my stylist at the beginning of this month.  This is where I am today (a few inches longer than the beginning cut):

I love it.  My favorite part is the back.  At this length the bottom layers are wavy rather than a tangled mess of curls.  I’ve never had a stylist stack and texturize my curls.  I wish you could see how amazing it is.

This cut makes my curls super easy to style and much quicker to dry – perfect for those 5am wake-up calls.  No more crazy shedding.

I’ll never have shoulder-length hair again.

I don’t think I’ll ever go much longer than it is now.