• I’m working on a Life List.  I realized that a few of the items on my 28 Before 28 were either things I felt I should do or were spur of the moment ideas – not things I had any deep desire to do. For every item that I complete, I’ll add a new goal.
  • I’ve been slowing down on my Cannonball Read.  My biggest problem is that I read right before bed, and I’m still not going to bed early enough.  I end up nodding off about 10-20 pages into the book.  This last book is taking me a couple of weeks to read.
  • I’ll be cutting off cable.  My last bill was $125 (internet included).  Not cool, Time Warner.  I’ve ordered a wireless router and a streaming device.  Mindless TV is at it’s end.
  • Spring cleaning is still in progress.
  • So is my six-week program to getting my finances in order.
  • I’m in the middle of an affair with my front lawn.  All my free time the last two weeks has been spent with mulch and a little Lowe’s on the side.