I love everything about this snapshot* of an effortlessly chic girl.  Probably because those are the last words anyone would use to describe me.

I’ve been wanting a similar hair cut for myself – albeit a slightly more curly bob.  I think they can be adorable, sophisticated, and edgy.  The last few months have been a work in progress.  The first cut was too short (think Amelie).  Since then I’ve been playing around with different layer lengths, especially around my face.

Love the clothes.  Love the bag.  I’m one of those people who likes to be prepared.  So that means I almost always carry a good-sized bag (not giant).  Those girls I know that only carry clutches (or designer bags in which the designer wallet is the only thing that fits) mess with me about it sometimes. It doesn’t bother me.  It does mean that I will raise an eyebrow if they suddenly need something that only I have because of my awesomely packed bag.

Shopping is difficult for me. I have a strange relationship with clothes after growing up in a family with no money for those extras that so many deem essential.  I got new clothes three times a year (Goodwill or Walmart) for birthdays, new school years, and Christmas.  New items were usually new jeans and shoes to replace those I’d outgrown and a few seasonally appropriate shirts.

I didn’t grow up with “fun” shopping being a normal part of life.  Three full-time working years later, I still have a hard time spending the money.  I know what I like, but I live in a small-ish town with limited options.  The stuff I do like is often too expensive.  I’d rather spend that small fortune on travel.  On-line shopping seems like a good choice, but my experience has been hit-or-miss – even within the same stores.  Materials often look cheap in person.  Sizing is an issue.  Returns are a hassle.

Right now I basically shop for appropriate clothes for occasions.  I don’t have much in regards to every day wear.  I should probably look into a stylist.  It seems rather extravagant, but it is something I’ve considered.  I need help.

* I didn’t save the source of this photo.  Please let me know if you know so I can credit it properly.

Here’s a link Susan left me – it isn’t the same place I found the picture (no speaky Frenchy), but this is better because there are more pics of this cool chick.

Love the name of the blog – Chic and Geek.  One day I will be both.

And, of course, she’s French.  I should have known.