I made a 28 Before 28 list after my last birthday, and here’s a progress report:

1. Cook a new dish every month. Check (even though I’ve been very bad about blogging it)

2.  Run a race. There’s a local race this March.  I have yet to start actively training for it.

3.  Add one more country to my travel list. I was planning to go to the Philippines with a work friend, but ticket prices soared beyond my budgeted reach.  I may still have a foreign excursion this summer, but that will have to count towards a 29 Before 29.

4.  Finish Cannonball Read. Fail.  It ended in November, and I only reached 32 books rather than the 52 required to complete it.

5.  Submit a finished work for representation.  Frame the rejection letters. I don’t have anything I consider finished.

6.  Become a local tourist. I haven’t really pursued this.  I’ll try to squeeze an excursion or two.

7.  Get my PCCN. All I’ve done is take the live review course offered by my hospital.  I need to set up a study plan and get going.

8.  Send Christmas cards. Check.

9.  Learn to skate. I think I might have been overly ambitious when adding this to my list.  I was influenced by a few roller derby bouts I’d attended.  I’ve never displayed any talent to skating during my childhood.  I don’t know why I thought I could do so now.  Also, there are surprisingly few local rinks.

10.  Make knitter friends. Is it cheating to make a friend a knitter friend?  I have a work friend who expressed interest, and I’ve been encouraging said interest.  She excitedly told me that she’d bought her supplies for a class being taught at her church.

11.  Learn how to invest. Working on this.

12.  Be a part of at least one change through my council service that positively impacts the daily work of a nurse. This is probably the most discouraging ambition.  I had no idea how little was actually done in this council.  I then attempted to work through the unit council, but it is incredibly hard to motivate people when they feel the constant pinch of corporate and pressure of management over idiotic things.

13. Make one good friend who lives in my neighborhood. Nope.  I did make a new friend from work who lives in my city. I would count that, but it defeats the purpose of getting to know my neighbors.

14.  Take at least one self-portrait a month. Check.

15.  Try waxing.  Come on.  You can do it. Not yet.

16. Get fitted properly for a bra. I’m ready for a underwear drawer makeover.

17. Break one bad habit. Working on it.

18. Wear more skirts. I started out stronger in the beginning, but the colder weather has turned me back toward pants.  I bought several cute pairs of tights to help turn that tide.

19.  Find a piece of art I love to hang over my mantel. Nope.

20. Back up all of my photos on on-line storage – and make it a a habit. No, but I did scan tubs of my parent’s old photos.

21.  Knit a sweater I can wear proudly. Ummm…no.  I did make three little sweaters that three adorable baby girls can wear proudly.  Does that count for anything?

22.  Learn how to sew. Check.

23.  Start flowers/herbs from seeds. Check.

24.  Take a self-defense class. Nope.

25.  Learn how to use Photoshop. Nope.

26.  Stick to my budget. Yes.  See above #3 response.  That would have kicked my saving’s butt.

27.  Road trip! Drove from Texas to Pennsylvania.  Still have time to squeeze in another to San Antonio with a work pal.

28. Look forward to my 10-year high school reunion. Not really, but I’m still planning on going.