1.  What type of home do you currently reside in?

A house

2.  If you could completely redecorate one room in your home, what room would you pick, why, and what would you do to it?

Definitely my bedroom since I’ve done practically nothing to it since moving into my house 2 years ago.  I need a dresser, full-length mirror, pretty cage for my birds, and a closet makeover.  The windows still have the cheap paper blinds that were supposed to be temporary.  I really dream of having a bedside table like this, but every pot I find that I like (and is big enough for my higher bed) is over $300.

3.  What is your favorite place to gain inspiration for your home decor style?

I’ll use anything: magazines, websites, friend’s homes,etc.  I also like eclectic mixes.  I figure that if I get a piece at a time that I really love, they’ll go together somehow.

4.  What is your favorite piece of decor in your home?

My couch.  It’s where I spend most of my time with other people.  It is exactly what I had in mind when I was shopping: a huge, comfy, chocolate brown sectional.  Big enough to seat my entire family.  Deep enough for two people to lay side by side without fear of falling.

5.  What do you want visitors to feel when they visit your home?  Do you think your home gives off that feeling?

I want my guests to feel welcome. I want them to feel as if they belong on that sofa.

I think that I and my house make them feel welcome.  And there’s practically nowhere else for them to sit…so…

6.  Describe your home in one word and explain why you chose that word.


There will always be things I want when it comes to my house, but I remind myself that I already have everything I need.

7.  What are some predominant colors or patterns in your house?

Most of the house is a lovely muted gold.  It is exactly the color I imagined.  I play with browns, creams, greens, blues, and reds – warm, muted shades.

8.  What is your favorite room and why?

My den.  It is the room I spend the most time in – whether I’m watching TV, hanging out with friends/family, knitting, etc.

9.  Do you take a hands-on or DIY approach to projects around your home or do you enlist or hire help?

I do what I can do.  I do on-line research to help me.  Anything requiring professional skill I will pass on.  My 20-year-old roommate and brother does a lot of the manual labor.

10.  Where is your favorite place to shop for home furnishings?

I actually like Ikea.  Some pieces look cheap and some look pretty good.  I bought my coffee table, bookcase, and entry table there.  My sofa I bought in a local furniture store.  My platform bed I bought on-line.  Everything else was given to me.


***meme by Roots and Rings