A friend from work has repeatedly told me that I needed to meet her brother.  He’s home from med school for the holidays, so she’s excitedly arranged for us to meet tomorrow night.

I know nothing about him except that he’s her brother, he’s in med school, and all the other girls he’s dated are “bitchy vain stupid hoes.” For the record, when you’re trying to pimp out a family member, you should probably stick to his or her more positive characteristics.*

Oh, I do know one other thing.

He apparently had seen me a few days ago when he and my friend were shopping.  He recognized me from a Facebook search after talking to his sister. (He told her he thought he’d seen me after the fact, and she texted to confirm my whereabouts.) He told her that I look much better in person**, and that I had an “ancient beauty.”

So, there’s a… plus?

I agreed for the sake of my ridiculously long dry spell and my happiness project***.  And also my mother who commented (on Christmas!)  that I might need to try one of those dating sites.


* Birds of a bitchy, vain, stupid, whorish feather flock together.

**I had hoped so.

**Happiness Project: #19, #25, #30.  And for the possibility of #10.


Update 12/30/10

He was really nice, but that’s about it.  It was like hanging out with a brother.  Still glad we met.