Tea, praline chicken, veggies and rice, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread


In preparing for my brother’s early Christmas visit a week ago , I had a couple of meals worth of groceries in the fridge.  It never crossed my mind that he’d have his own very long list of restaurants/diners to fill up on food he can’t find up north.  They don’t even eat breakfast anymore, so the breakfast casserole I made the first morning was eaten by me and my youngest brother over the next week.  Lesson learned.  Do not  feed.

The rest of us had our own regularly scheduled Christmas Eve special.  I worked Christmas Eve and Day, so I didn’t get a chance to use up any of the food.  (We had arepas, buñuelos, and hot chocolate before opening gifts.)

I invited everyone over for lunch today to help clean my fridge.  And it was awesome.

Praline chicken was the new dish.  Maybe a little dry.  Still delicious.

Frozen garlic bread is the best.  Stick it in the oven for 10 minutes.  Done and done.

Everything else was microwaved goodness.  I highly recommend the frozen mashed potatoes if you don’t do it the “real” way.  (Snobs.)  So good.  Make sure you double the butter.  I scoff at a mere 2 tbsps.

Leftover Christmas cookies and candy for dessert.

Boy Meets World on the television.  We loved this show as a family, and I gave my sister the first season for Christmas.  It was so much fun that I proclaim it a new family holiday tradition.

What? I make the rules around here.