Less than 52 but more than what I’ve probably read in the previous 5 years combined.

So while I didn’t cross the official finish line, I’m counting this a personal win. Pajiba hasn’t posted anything further yet on the end of this year’s Cannonball Read or the beginning of a new one.  I’ll continue for now as though it has started all over for Nov 1, 2010 – Oct 31, 2010. Cannonball Read III officially begins January 1, 2011 though books between now and then will be allowed to be counted.

I had a few reviews randomly selected to appear on the site.  Only one was received well by Pajiba’s readership, but I can acknowledge that the majority of my reviews were not particularly well-written, bitchy, or scathing.   They were simply a few quickly written paragraphs put together to meet the minimum CBR requirements.  I’ll try to do better.

I’ve learned that it isn’t stretching too far to set a goal of one book a week.  I know where I fell short in reaching that goal.  I simply didn’t go to bed early enough. I’m a nighttime reader.  If I go to bed too late, I’ve lost those 30-45 minutes to read before turning out the lights.

Cannonball Read Goals for Nov 1, 2010 – Oct 31, 2010:

1.  Keep a bedtime.

2.  Write more thoughtful reviews.