With everything that’s been going on at work, part of me was still hoping that things would get better.  I was considering who I could best talk to about current problems and possible solutions.

I don’t have to anymore.  The last unit meeting told me all that I needed to know.

The following information wasn’t found anywhere on the printed agenda, but we were told verbally what the atmosphere upstairs is.  There will be zero tolerance for any negativity.  (Now there’s a vague buzzword.)  If we’re openly not happy with any aspect of our job, leave willingly or they’ll help us leave.  There are over 200 active applications in HR.  He said that these people know exactly what it is like here,and they want the job.

I find it hard to believe they truly know the level of toxicity, but I do believe that they don’t care right now where they work.  The local job market for nurses is fierce.  That alone makes me take a step back.  I can’t afford to lose this job without a backup plan.

So, now I’m looking for one.  What room for change is there in a “magnet” hospital who is spreading the word to scare their nurses into silence?  There’s no sense in pursuing (therefore challenging) the issues surrounding magnet status if the answer is to immediately replace you with someone who will give the magnet people and surveys all of the “right” answers.

I have a few months before I receive the third and final installment of my sign-on bonus (better called a retention bonus).  There is a lot of thinking and planning to do until then.